Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I thought the only time I could  save on Workers' Compensation costs, 
is once a year at my renewal date?

Answer:  False.  In Workers' Compensation the time of year when an employer can generally save more money than all other 364 days a year combined – is the exact opposite of the renewal date. 

Question: I thought I could pay the lowest premium possible by getting quotes.  Is that True?

Answer: False.  Over 90% of American employers pay more than they are legally required to pay.  
To learn more about how to minimize surcharges imbedded into your premium talk to a member agency or request a white paper.

Question: Why doesn't my agent talk to me about reducing "controllable" premium ?

Answer: Most agents in the U.S. don't have a technical designation such as CWCA (certifed WorkComp Advisor or MWCA  (master WorkComp  Advisor ) to help an employer implement....nor do they have a documentable, verified CPR Improvement TRACK RECORD.  Agencies with a minimum Certified Work Comp Advisor  designation are best positioned to help you.

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