One of the core missions of the is to celebrate the results of business professionals and insurance professionals who go beyond the status quo by working together to eliminate waste in the workers' compensation system.  

What do we mean by waste in the workers compensation system?
The easiest way to explain it is to think of your yearly workers compensation premium into 2 separate items:
The "Required" portion of your Premium and the portion of "Controllable" Premium.

Businesses who have a 3 year track record of reducing, or eliminating "controllable" workers' compensation premium are eligible for the CPR Improvement Award.

​Each of the Employers and Agents featured in the case studies shown above have been recipients of the CPR Improvement award. 
Award Winners Nations Giant Hamburgers
and Mike McDermott
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Honoring the TEAMWORK between employers and advisors who are SUCCEEDING in improving their coverage or reducing “controllable” premium 

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